From India, the project leader in India and founding chairman of Tara.Ed, Hon Rtn Jennifer Star has reported:
‘In January 2017 we hosted an Alumni Tour to Ajra as part of Rosary School's Golden Jubilee celebrations. Three Alumni joined the tour and had the opportunity to visit Ajra and Watangi to see the changes that have taken place in the school. Despite the challenges of demonitization, the Alumni Tour was a resounding success, with the team being welcomed very warmly by Father Anthony, the school staff and students. This tour marked the eighth and final tour to Rosary School, Ajra, and was the culmination of a multi-faceted and highly successful partnership lasting nine years. 
The tour was also coupled with a Sponsor visit, with Raechel's (2014) husband and children accompanying the tour to meet their Star Kids Scholarship student. If you would like to read more/see photos please see the Tour Blog and Sponsorship Visit posts on the Tara.Ed website.’