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Feb 20, 2019 12:00 PM
75th Anniversary of Victory in the Pacific & the Kokoda Trail
Feb 23, 2019 6:30 PM
2nd Awards Night
Feb 27, 2019 12:00 PM
Yesterday Stories - Berrima
Mar 06, 2019
Raising funds for Rotary Youth Programmes
Mar 30, 2019
Proposed date for inaugural market
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President's Message
We had a double whammy at the meeting this week with presentations from our most recent RYLArian, Julia McGrath, and Community Worker Nicole Blaik from Highlands Community Centres.
Julia gave us an excellent summary of the activities they undertook at the most recent RLYA get-together in Canberra in January.  This was the first one that combined attendees from both Districts 9700 and 9750, and by all reports, it went very well with around 50 participants.  Berrima District was well represented by our District RYLA Chair, Lyndall Dalley, ably assisted by Bridget Cosyn and Melissa Meredith.  Julia obviously enjoyed herself and participated in all the exercises with suitable gusto.  There is no doubt that this is a great Rotary program in promoting self-improvement and self-confidence in our youth and we should continue to actively support it next year. Lyndall tells me that they are planning to limit the numbers to around 40 next time so the can provide better individual attention to each RYLArian, so is likely to be a long waiting list next time now that 9700 has some clear air to plan ahead.
Nicole, given the nature of her work, was perhaps a little less upbeat as she gave us a rundown on her activities at the HCC. Firstly, she described what a community worker actually does, which is a combination of supporting clients who need a great deal of help with their lives, providing referrals to other organisations, running programs to increase resilience of those in need, organising relevant events and liaising with the wider community.  She then went on to tell us about a couple of the programs she runs. 
The principal one is My Life My Dreams which goes under the banner “a program to empower women to live their best lives”. She profiled the candidates for us – aged from mid-30s to mid-50s; nearly 50% from single parent households; main source of income usually a pension or social benefits; often have mental health and substance abuse problems; most had experienced domestic violence. MLMD gives these women reason for hope by providing employment opportunities, better education and improved life skills. It also provides better health outcomes, an increased social network and a feeling of empowerment for the women who participate.
The other program she covered is On Track which our Club has made a major contribution to. This program picks up young people who usually have just left school and are searching for some direction in their lives. With one of the highest unemployment rates in Australia (25.4%), the Highlands are not well-placed to provide such direction.  On Track provides practical skills, well-being and soft skills such as managing emotions (often anger management is an issue), self-esteem, confidence building and goal setting.  It then provides work experience opportunities in a choice of aged care, retail, hospitality or construction which are the four biggest employers in this area.  Nicole sounds like a great asset to the HCC and we hope to see more of her in the future.
Club Happenings
We are very close to getting the necessary Rotary insurance approvals for this event and then it will be all systems go! Bridget and Melissa have already started scouting the possible routes and we would expect a strong promotion campaign to start next week.  Feedback so far from potential participants has been very positive
MAFO project managers John Macpherson and Barry Barford have been inundated with requests for medical equipment and shipping/logistics assistance from hospitals and clinics in Oceania and the African continent. They are currently handling 11 TEUs – that’s the equivalent of eleven 20-foot containers for the uninitiated – plus an LCL (less than a container load) shipment and an air freight consignment. Rotary clubs in Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands are assisting.
This is what our containers have to endure crossing various African borders!
RYLA 2019
RYLA 2019 was our first melding of participants from D9700 and 9710 and it was a tremendous success.  The diversity of the participants really added depth to the group and the experience as a whole.
The committee (Lyndall McGrath, Melissa Meredith, Paul Tyrell and Bridget Cosyn)  would like to thank the RYLArians, their sponsoring Rotary Clubs, the Mentors, and our wonderful guest presenters; Scott Bourke (Leadership), Philip Boyce (Conflict Resolution), Barbara Baikie (HBDI), Ganga Ashworth (Communication), Glenn Wilcox (Resilience), David Segal (Mental Health), Dr Jenny Gray (Keynote Speaker). David Macfarlane (Leadership in Service) and Dr Thomas Nielson (Ethics & Values).  We would also like to send a special thank you to Bill Watson who presented us with a generous donation on behalf of the National Serviceman’s Association Officer Training Unit (ACT) Chapter which helps out with special presentations and activities.  Thank you too to Steve Hill (IPDG D9710) and George Weston (IPDG D9100) for their help and support.
Our RYLArians are busy presenting to their sponsoring Rotary Clubs and I thought I would share with you the presentation on her RYLA experience from Julia McGrath, the Rotary Club of Berrima District’s RYLArian. 
“I would just like to thank all of you from the Rotary Club of Berrima District for sponsoring me to go to RYLA in 2019, it highlights your club’s commitment to investing in this community’s future leaders.  RYLA, which stands for Rotary Youth Leadership Awards, is a 6-day intensive leadership course comprised of participants from Districts 9700 and 9710; which covers areas across NSW as far as Lake Cargelligo, Blayney and the South Coast.
This was such an enjoyable but busy week, filled with a huge amount of theoretical and practical learning, so I thought I would just share with you a few of the sessions that resonated particularly with me.
The first day began with the 35 participants arriving and being broken down into smaller syndicate groups, led by a mentor who is a previous participant of the RYLA program.  We then entered our first session which was led by Scott Bourke (Rotary Club of Yass), where we discussed various leadership styles and techniques. Then, in our syndicate groups we ran through a number of practical activities to put this leadership theory into action.
Following this was Phillip Boyce’s presentation on conflict resolution, which was very timely as it is an integral part of good leadership and was used throughout the week.
The day concluded with some fun debating topics including; dog vs cats, smooth vs crunchy peanut butter, and fresh vs toasted sandwiches.
Day 2 began with us getting our HBDI profiles from Barbara Baikie (Rotary Club of Hall); which is a brain dominance test which describes our thinking preferences as a combination of the analytical, practical, relational, and experimental quadrants.
Part of this HBDI session involved groups writing a newspaper article from the perspective of the quadrant which opposed their highest or most favoured way of thinking, which reiterated the importance, and possible challenges involved in considering other’s perspectives and ideas as a leader.
The third day began with us again being divided into groups by Scott Bourke and completing a circuit of unusual activities, each of which had to be led by a different group member. We completed the activities in accordance to the PISCE leadership model, which stands for; Plan, Implement, Support, Control, and Evaluate. Our group found that we really benefitted from thorough planning which enabled us to successfully complete all of the activities on the circuit, and it helped negated the fact that all of our group members had vastly different leadership ideas, strengths, and personality types.
Leading on from this was a quite confronting session from Glenn Wilcox which detailed his life story of drug and alcohol abuse, addiction, and recovery; with a hugely inspiring message of resilience. This was followed by a mental health session from David Seagal, which highlighted the importance of looking after not only your own, but considering your peers and team member’s wellbeing, and how this makes for more successful teams and leaders.
The day ended with our RYLA dinner, where over 50 members from sponsoring rotary clubs were in attendance, and a keynote speech from Dr Jenny Gray, CEO of Zoos Victoria, who shared lessons and anecdotes from her time in this position of leadership.
Our fourth day began with an engaging and moving session lead by Security Risk Management specialist Andrew Macfarlane, which I felt neatly tied together a number of areas of focus from the whole program; one obviously being leadership in service, but also resilience, mental health awareness, conflict resolution both as a leader and a follower, ethics, and communication.
After this was a ‘feel your fear’ create climbing session, and although this wasn’t something I was particularly fearful of, it was really lovely to watch some of my peers conquer fears of their own. This was followed by a relaxing swim in the river and barbeque dinner. 
On arrival back at Greenhills we did our ‘$500 Challenge’ presentations. The $500 Challenge is a group exercise where we were tasked to create a marketing campaign for one of a number of Rotary projects. Our group presentation was on ‘Rotarians Against Malaria’, or RAM, where our group was awarded $150 of the overall pool; which will be donated to purchase 5 mosquito nets and $100 worth of tools for a village. Other Rotary programs that were presented included TaraEd (the winning presentation receiving a donation of $250), MAFO ($100), ROMAC ($100), End Polio Now ($50 which increases in value due to the matching programme of the Bill and Melinda gates Foundation), and End Trachoma 2020 ($100).
On Day 5 we had a session led by Dr Thomas Neilson which was on developing our own ethical and personal values, and how these should help dictate our leadership styles and decision making. Following this were wonderful sessions lead by RC Berrima District’s Melissa Meredith and Bridget Coysn about goal setting, time management, budgeting, and the Rotary 4 Way Test.
When I was sitting down to write this, I did not expect it to be this difficult to explain what exactly I got out of RYLA. While it is easy enough to say that during and since the programme I have strengthened my problem solving and conflict resolution skills, learnt and put into action different leadership strategies, gained motivation to set and achieve goals, learnt more about the ethics of positive leadership, become motivated to become more involved in my community, learnt more about myself and my leadership style, and had fun… I don’t think it fully captures what RYLA is all about. To me, it is something far more tacit and personal that each participant takes from the course. You have the opportunity to meet a large group of people from different backgrounds, which means they all bring something unique and special to the program, and I think there is something that you can learn off of everybody there; including participants, mentors, the lovely committee, as well as the inspirational speakers. So, I would just like to thank again the Rotary Club of Berrima District for sponsoring me to go to RYLA and I will definitely recommend to program to my peers. Thank you.”
Julia McGrath
RYLA is an amazing programme that impacts on everyone who gets involved.  The committee are preparing for RYLA 2020 which will run from the 11th to the 17th January at Greenhills Conference Centre in Cotter.  We will be sending information packs out to all the clubs in D9705 before June 30th with applications opening in September 2019. 
“RYLA is a true example of Rotary always looks ahead towards the future Mentoring and investing in our future leaders is Step One ! ”  Jefferson, RYLA 2019
Lyndall McGrath
District Chair RYLA 2019/20
Rotary Youth Leadership Awards
This week we will be joined by that legend of the Kokoda Trail, Charlie Lynn. Charlie has trekked the Trail 94 times over a period of 27 years. He served in the Australian Army (1965-1986) and the NSW Parliament (1995-2015). In 2015 he was inducted as an Officer of the Logohu (OL) by the PNG Government in their New Years’ Honours List ‘for service to the bilateral relations between Papua New Guinea and Australia and especially in the development of the Kokoda Trail and its honoured place in the history of both nations’ over the past 25 years. He was appointed Parliamentary Secretary for Veterans Affairs in NSW and was awarded an OAM for his services to the Parliament. He has made numerous submissions to the Australian Government over the past two decades in support of the development of a Master Plan for the Kokoda Trail – all have been ignored.

His subject will be the forthcoming 75th Anniversary, in 2020, of Victory in the Pacific. Fundamental to this success was the role played by Australian forces in Papua New Guinea and their heroic efforts along the Kokoda Trail. There is serious concern that the heritage value of the battles in PNG, and of the Trail itself, is not being afforded the same recognition as Australia has demonstrated recently in Europe for the Centenary of the end of WWI. As one who has made the trek on 94 occasions, CharIie is well placed to recognise the problems extant and offer solutions that will ensure PNG and Australian heritage and history will not be subsumed by non-military ‘heritage’ factors.
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