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May 29, 2019
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President's Message
In the absence of a meeting this week we are reproducing the presentation from our National Youth Science Forum (NYSF) candidate Skye Holmwood.  Skye presented to us on the 24th April 2019 and it was such an engaging presentation that we have decided to, with Skye’s permission, share it here:
My name is Skye and I attended the National Youth Science Forum in Brisbane at the University of Queensland in January earlier this year. I remember presenting to you after I got selected to attend the programme early last year. I was completely and utterly overwhelmed with excitement at the prospect of the two incredible weeks to come. And now I’m left with the wonderful, life changing memories of NYSF and it’s safe to say they were the best two weeks of my life so far. 
So what exactly is the National Youth Science Forum?
  • NYSF is a non-profit organisation that runs a range of science outreach activities and was established in 1983 by Rotary
  • Its flagship Year 12 Program runs in January each year.
  • The program is a 12-day residential activity for students interested in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) and has been running for over 35 years. more than 11,500 participants have attended from across Australia.
  • Participants gain significant insights into the variety of study and career opportunities available across STEM fields. We also got the opportunity to stay on campus at the university, gaining valuable insight into the life of a university student
Here are some photos capturing some of the incredible experiences I had throughout NYSF.
Over the course of the two weeks, we sat in many lecture halls, however we weren’t merely just observing and listening to the information, the addresses were interactive on every level. Some included live quizzes and competitions between interest groups, whilst others were driven by discussion and questioning from the audience. One of my favourite lectures was from Dr Anjali who spoke about bio-analytics and artificial intelligence entering the realm of medicine to transform the delivery of healthcare. I spoke last time about the alarming, implausible capabilities of artificial intelligence, so Dr Anjali’s speech really confirmed this reality and has inspired me to look further into the realms of biotechnology as we need more efficient healthcare delivery to a rapidly growing population.
NYSF provided a platform to connect with countless like-minded and driven individuals, some of whom have become life-long friends. Additionally, through events such as the Science Dinner at the Brisbane City Hall as you can see in the large image on the screen there, we got the opportunity to network with a range of scientists. I was genuinely enlightened by the passion of all individuals I spoke to, particularly Dr ken Dutton-Rigester who has not only dedicated his life to uncovering the specifics of Melanoma Cancer, but explored how to actually communicate such intricate, complex science to the public via interactive art. After discussing such prospects with him, I wish to further this interest in the interaction between science and art as this interdisciplinary approach appeals to both my artistic AND logical/analytical passions. Interestingly, Einstein agreed, stating that “the greatest scientists are always artists as well”.
Laboratory and site visits were also a major part of NYSF and never failed to inspire and encourage my curiosity. We were exposed to amazing, state of the art facilities at the Institute of Molecular Biosciences in which we got to meet a range of pHd students and had a tour of the institute. Personally, I was fascinated with the immunology lab and their illuminated rooms for growing genetically modified plants. These plants carried a circular protein which could potentially replace defective disease causing proteins in humans. Other facilities we visited included the microscopy labs in which we looked through electron microscopes (something I had only ever read about in textbooks) that could magnify up to ten million times, allowing us to see absolutely tiny microbes of 0.2 nanometres.
There were also a range of workshops we could chose to attend. I chose the entrepreneurship course in which we learnt and applied the notion of science in industry. My team developed ideas surrounding the major food shortage humanity faces, especially as areas are consumed in drought and other extreme weather conditions as a result of this changing climate. We brainstormed initiatives to reduce this shortage via genetically modifying plants, and discussed the economical and potentially ethical limitations of this act.
After NYSF there are a range of other opportunities, such as Next Step programs, the National Science Teachers Summer School and the International Programs. There are more than 40 places across 6 different international programs, however these places are highly competitive and exclusive to NYSF participants only.
These include: University of Michigan Math and Science Scholars, Research Science Institute at MIT (Boston, USA), International Science Summer School (Heidelberg, Germany) and London International Youth Science Forum.
Another international program is the National University of Singapore Science Summer Camp that will be taking place in July later this year. After a lengthy application, I was accepted to attend, which I’m so so excited about. This is another incredible opportunity to explore my ever changing interests surrounding the breadths of science, but this time at an international level. I’m looking forward to undergo further networking with scientists and honestly cannot wait to meet more like-minded individuals from across the world. The program involves more inspiring lectures and laboratory sessions conducted by experienced university professors and visits to NUS’s state of the art research centres. There will also be guided tours to top tourist destinations.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Rotary Club of Berrima District for your sponsorship to not only attend the Science Forum in Brisbane but in also assisting towards the cost of attending the International Forum in Singapore in a couple of months. It truly is greatly appreciated.   I can say with confidence that this experience has not only inspired my passion for science even further, but has opened so many doors regarding potential careers, areas of research interest, life-long friends and networks of professionals.
There are still a couple of tickets remaining for our Fundraising event - Ladies in Black on the 14th July.  Funds raised will go towards assisting Skye with her travel expenses to attend the International Youth Science Forum.  Tickets are available here : 
One of the highlights of our Rotary year is fast approaching, and Geri Gardiner and I are getting our act together.  We have settled on a date that fits in with our President Elect’s busy overseas travel schedule over the next couple of months – so please put Wednesday the 26th of June in your diaries.  We have decided to hold it at the Scottish Arms, East Bowral, with a selection of main courses for your delectation, as well as a welcome drink and some nibbles - all for the princely sum of $40 a head.  To book, please click on the link below.  You will note when you book that we would appreciate it if you could select a meal choice for each person if you can to make the chef’s job a bit easier – but this is not compulsory.  Friends and family would be welcome to join us for this event.
Southern Highlands MUNA 2019
The 5th SH MUNA build on the success of past years with some 9 teams representing Cambodia, China, Hungary, Iran, Israel Italy, Japan, Sweden and UK debating the resolutions.  Dr Travis Holland was the Sec General assisted by Meghan Barrell, the judges were Jackie Myers, Editor SH News, DGE Peter Ford and our own Chris Young.
1st Prize Southern Highlands Christian school representing Japan
2nd Prize Oxley College representing Iran
Peace Prize Frensham representing Sweden.
The 1st and Peace Prize winning teams will now go forward to National MUNA, 16-18 August Museum of Australian Democracy, Canberra.  The three local clubs sponsor this event and the teams participation in Canberra.
This Weeks Meeting ... 
Berrima Playground Presentation by Derek White
It is almost exactly 2 years since we engaged Play by Design to do a Concept Plan for the addition of "All Abilities" equipment to the existing Berrima Marketplace playground facilities.  This led to obtaining of NSW Government grants totalling over $270,000, and the development (in partnership with the WCS) of a draft Master Plan for this park.  Last Wednesday, the full Council agreed to put this Plan out for public comment - a major milestone!  Come along and hear Derek White update you on the development of this Plan and what it means for the playground upgrade.
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