Report from President Ric Mejias
Thank you, Past President Shelley and the entire Board for the privilege to serve Berrima Rotary as this year's President. In doing so I hope to continue the great legacy of those that have served and continue to serve in the work we provide many in our local and international communities.
I acknowledge our Board old and new for the great service above self. They invest a great deal of time on projects to help others. The work can be thankless at times and I really do appreciate all the board has done. Sadly time restrictions prevent me from recognising ALL our members and friends so allow me to do the highlights version and at the very least formally recognise
  • Past President Shelley
  • New Board and Officers:
    • Secretary: Mignon Aistrope
    • A/Secretary & Youth Protection Officer: John Macpherson
    • Treasurer: Martin Fenaughty
    • Club Service: Frank Rodrigues
    • Community Service: Chris Webb
    • International Service: Barry Barford
    • Vocational Service: Lyndall Dalley
    • Youth: Bridget Cosyn
    • The Rotary Foundation: Mignon Aistrope
    • Sergeant at Arms John Smythe
My goals for our year ahead
  • Return to some normality for meetings. 
    • Join us each 2nd Wed 12 pm (formal+board), 4th Wed 6 pm (fun),  and 5th Wed (Vocational visit)of each month.  
      • 8th July we met to discuss the year ahead and have a Board meeting.
      • 22nd July fundraiser $35 for 3-course Spanish dinner and cooking lesson click here to BOOK NOW
      • 29th July we GIVE BACK to Empire Cinema BOOK NOW
  • Service for others. We will continue to help others locally and abroad and service to others this year will include helping our project leaders and board and youth.
  • Youth mentoring with the inclusion of youth on all projects we take on where possible
  • Growing our reach thru more members, and more projects.
    • One of many examples of a new Project:
      • Rotary Berrima is now a CREATIVE KID's PROVIDER and we are seeking $5000 NSW Grant to support more youth in Wingecarribee. 
  • Recognition of members, friends of Rotary and others in the community like RFS, SES, our Hospitals.
    • Certificate of Service awarded to:
  • Past President Shelley awarded: a Rotary pin, a Rotary necklace and a Certificate of Service
  • Treasurer Martin Fenaughty
  • Secretary Mignon Aistrope
  • Executive Secretary John MacPherson 
  • The Prestigious  OUTSTANDING ROTARY AWARD (ORA) will be announced further in the coming weeks and months.
Berrima Rotary has a great team of members, board and officers and ALL provide us with INSPIRATION.
LET US ALL look to INSPIRE and mentor new members and youth in our projects this year.
I’d like us to consider PEOPLE in all our projects. What can we do a lot together INSPIRE PEOPLE as People of Action as together Rotary OPENS Opportunities.