On 17th April 2016 a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Ecuador. In partnership with Habitat for Humanity and Fundacion Progad (a locally registered agency) ShelterBox assisted 2,588 earthquake affected families in the province of Manabi in areas surrounding the city of Puerto Viejo.  The earthquake led to a total of 35,198 buildings being classified as “unsafe” or “for limited use”. Even families with a house considered suitable for limited use were afraid that aftershocks would cause further damage, or worse, lead to fatalities. Families worried their possessions would be stolen, and staying on or nearby home sites became imperative. Some households stayed with other families who were lucky enough to have a stable structure to live in, but most people had little choice but to sleep outside their home. Although families built shelters with salvaged items, these only offered minimal protection from the rain or the intense heat of the sun. There were also problems associated with a lack of privacy with some households only washing at night when passers-by could not see them. ShelterBox’s provision of shelter items and technical training enabled families to improve structures, making them watertight, better ventilated and more private.
More information and donations to ShelterBox may be made through the following link : http://www.shelterboxaustralia.com.au/news_global.php?id=1391